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Customized One-on-One Business Coaching for Financial Advisors

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Why We Help


We have learned a lot from our extensive coaching with financial advisors. We believe:


Advisors ahead of the curve will be the most successful.

There are massive opportunities available for the best advisors. The financial industry is facing substantial change.  There will be downward pressure on fees, more demanding clients, increasing regulation, and less support from companies.

The most important agenda is the advisor's agenda.

The most important agenda is yours. Many financial companies and suppliers have changed from being advisor-focused to product-focused. Training and coaching programs offered internally ("for free") have limited resources and are focused on the firm's agenda, not yours.

This can be a lonely business.

Advisors may belong to study groups or professional associations but this does not give them the accountability, leadership and direction that they require as well as the ability to be completely vulnerable as they can with their coach.

Many advisors don’t run their business like a business.

Business owners must wear many hats from sales and marketing to financial management. This requires not just technical and sales skills, but proficiency in creating vision and direction, building and leading teams, brand differentiation and business building.

A collaborative team approach is most effective.

One plus one is more than two. Effective collaboration produces results that are greater than each individual’s contribution. This applies whether you build your own team internally, or create a virtual team of external resources. This is also our model at The Personal Coach.

Process and structure give you freedom.

Most advisors don’t spend enough time working on their business to develop systems for routine activities and to plan and strategize for the future. The format of our coaching relationship ensures this happens.

In having fun!

"Work hard, play hard" is a cliché, but if you're not finding time to enjoy your business and your life, what's the point?




"The Personal Coach team has given us a better understanding of how to structure our firm to create the right momentum and build our business."

- Reg Braun, Gallery Wealth Management, Morden, MB