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Customized One-on-One Business Coaching for Financial Advisors


Client Stories


Our clients come from various backgrounds including IIROC, MFDA and Insurance worlds and begin working with us at any stage of business – developing, established or transitioning businesses.


They have all the qualities of an effective advisor and benefit from our direction, implementation and accountability to turn their good business into a great business.



We have made exceptional progress since working with The Personal Coach. Our coach quickly helped us establish priorities and then stay focused on achieving them. If we veered off path, our coach held us accountable and saved us valuable time and energy by managing the agenda, taking the notes, and continuously guiding us toward our goals. Our progress was greatly accelerated with our coach. Unbelievable acceleration actually. 

We quickly came to view our coach as our team leader; we valued and relied upon their opinion and expertise. Our coach is a great resource and brought in other resources to assist us as well. Our coach helped me successfully transition the business ownership so I could retire and worked with us on hiring two individuals who we think are going to be great additions to the team. In my entire 39 years of hiring employees, I have never seen as thorough a hiring process. I believe we have the right people on our team and that is thanks to our coach who genuinely cares about us and is committed to helping us achieve results.

- Priscilla Monteith, Monteith Financial Group, Burlington, ON



Our experience with The Personal Coach has been nothing short of fabulous. They take the time to really understand the needs of our practice and tailor recommendations to us. There’s nothing cookie-cutter about their approach and we’ve seen the results. Our production and productivity are up significantly and we attribute that to their advice and guidance. The investment we made in our business when we hired TPC has certainly paid off and we look forward to continued growth in our practice in the years to come.

- Angel Georgijev-Lowe, Georgijev Financial Group, London, ON



As someone who has worked in the industry for over 25 years, running his own practice for the last 14, it is amazing what you can learn when you have someone that can help open your eyes to a bigger and better future. It is obvious to me what has made you successful, and will continue to make you successful for many more years to come!

- Jim Kilgour, Advanced Benefits Consulting, Waterloo, ON



My father always preached, "together, we’re better." That philosophy certainly applies to our relationship with The Personal Coach. We have achieved significant and continued success over the last many years thanks in part to The Personal Coach. TPC and its great people played a very important role and we thank you dearly for your contribution. We are very much looking forward to the continued relationship.

- Corey McHugh, The McHugh Group, Pointe-Claire, QC



This team and their customized approach to coaching has been instrumental in my continued success as an advisor. From practice management to branding to growth strategies, I am always confident that I am focusing on the right areas of my business at the right time. Their work with a wide range of advisors has resulted in a great depth of knowledge about what will work well for me and my team.

- Reg Braun, Gallery Wealth Management, Morden, MB



My experience with The Personal Coach has been customized around my specific goals. There is nothing cookie-cutter about their process. My coach is empathetic and has a deliberate approach when it comes to all areas of my business and life - personal aspects, financials and my team to name a few. The focus is on efficiently running my practice so I have a strong net profit and building a successful, organized team. I’m held accountable to what I want to accomplish and my coach develops a strategy to help me get there. I wish I hired my coach a long time ago.
- Thomas McBride, McBride Robillard Financial Solutions Inc., Barrie, ON



The direction and focus provided by The Personal Coach over the last 10 years has helped increase our revenues by 400%. We are well positioned for future growth and thanks to our coach, we are prepared to thrive in a continually changing and challenging marketplace.

- Peter Pearson, Vocari Financial Solutions Ltd., Squamish, BC



The Personal Coach was able to create for me, on paper and through images, exactly what I had in my mind but did not know how to articulate in my own words, like a painter or sculptor. This was something that I should have done when I first entered my career! The conversation alone gave me insight into my business and who I am and what I am striving for in my business, and it brought me back to the reason why I started working in this business in the first place. I was re-inspired all over again. I look forward to continuing this journey.

- Michelle Jordan, Pointe-Claire, QC



I worked with The Personal Coach for many years. I had an amazing experience and can't recommend them enough to take you and your advisory business to the next level.

- Brad Amlin, Oakville, ON



Working with a business coach has kept us accountable to our goals and objectives. We know our coach is coming in and that we need to get stuff done – like all the little things that are important from a business operational perspective that would otherwise get put on the back burner because they weren’t a priority. We’re much more focused on who we are, what we do and how we do it. We’re much less inclined to try to be all things to all people. We focus on clients who we do our best work with. There is no question that our processes and procedures have improved greatly, which has made us significantly more efficient.
- Mark Wemp, ClearRock Financial, Elmira ON