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Customized One-on-One Business Coaching for Financial Advisors

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you coach?

Our one-on-one coaching is customized to your business and your needs. Your agenda is our agenda. Our coaches come to your office and work with you and your team to make your vision a reality. Our team becomes a long term extension of your team. We get to know you and your team better than anyone else.


What makes you different?

We focus on the critical areas of an advisor’s business and our focus when working with you is deep and broad. We get results. Our 7 step proven process, TPC Focus Process™, ensures we focus on what is most important to you to recharge your business. We integrate our own branding and marketing team. Once your foundation is in place, the team will support your brand roll out and finish your marketing materials so that you can effectively communicate your value to your ideal clients and prospects.


Why should I do business with you?

We focus on the implementation of your plan to achieve your vision. We change your business and your life. As we work together, over time, your business and life will look different than it looks today. The impact of our work is lasting and profound.


What do you mean by momentum?
As a business owner, you know the importance of staying in motion to maintain success and growth. You need momentum to make things work, accomplish goals and to obtain your vision. Whether it is improving your productivity, increasing revenues or building committed teams, to name a few, our mission is for advisors and their teams to ultimately experience 3 outcomes to keep their energy fully charged. Those are confidence, focus and freedom in business and in life.

Why one-on-one coaching?
Our coaching is customized and one-on-one simply because that is what works best. Every advisor is unique having his/her own vision and agenda. It’s so important for us to get to know you that we come to your office to fully experience your business and your people.


How do you drive results?
After years of helping advisors and their teams become more successful, we have discovered patterns that prevent momentum. We have designed a tool that looks at 12 key areas of an advisor’s business. It allows our coaches to uncover the opportunities, locate the gaps/holes within your business and come up with a strategic plan of action.