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Fortunato Restagno


Brand Coach


I’m a Brand Coach for financial advisors and Co-Founder of the MasterPoint™ Brand Program. I’m often asked why I chose to support advisors with branding and marketing. The reason is I’m totally hooked by their countless stories of how they help people have brighter fulfilling lives. I believe advisors have a significant impact on our communities and our country. Their passion drives my passion to develop a compelling original brand for each advisor and their team. I want to help them tell their unique story and build a great business.


My passions are photography, illustration, cartoons, hiking and mountain biking. Many of my photos have been used by advisors for their marketing. My other passion is running a karate school, Grand River Karate. I love to teach all ages and train hard. I’ve been at it since 1979 and currently have a 5th degree black belt in Tradition Okinawan Shorin Ryu. I believe we all need mentors in our lives and one of mine is my teacher Seikichi Iha who is in his 80’s and is the highest ranked Okinawan karate master in North America. The learning, teaching and training has afforded me patience in life and the ability to focus on getting results.


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