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MasterPoint Brand Program Process


We take the same approach as you do with your clients - the best approach is a strategic one. Just as you advise your clients to look at their whole plan rather than individual products, we recommend that your brand strategy start with a plan. Marketing materials are the second step.


At the same time, many advisors just require a little help as they already have a brand. They often come to us for a brochure, a website, digital marketing, etc. We are more than happy to help out.


1. Complimentary Consultation

  • Share your background and your brand objectives
  • Brief discussion about the MP Program
  • Determine if this is a fit for you and your team

2. Proposal Meeting

  • Online presentation of the program based on your objectives
  • Discuss the value and outcome from the program
  • Share timeline and next steps

3. Discovery Meeting

  • Meet with you and your team at your office
  • Determine the uniqueness, personality and value of your business
  • Information used to develop compelling story and brand

4. Client Interviews

  • Identify ideal clients
  • Uncover key information to reveal the most powerful “emotional connections”
  • Used to develop business personality and client testimonials

5. Compelling Story

  • Meet to unveil your original story
  • Provide images associated with your compelling story
  • Create possible new company names

6. Corporate Identity

  • Develop or refine your corporate identity
  • Create logo, slogan, descriptor
  • Find corporate image

7. Brand Guidelines Document

  • Provide all brand guidelines and information required to share your brand
  • Assign an internal "brand ambassador" to make sure you stay on brand going forward