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Customized One-on-One Business Coaching for Financial Advisors



Business Coaching


We start with a Complimentary Consultation to explore fit and determine direction. Our coaches come to your office and work with you and your team. When not working face-to-face, we have regular phone meetings to make sure strategies are being implemented.

  • Ideal for advisors who have established or transitioning businesses.
  • Involves coaching at your office.
  • Our one-on-one coaching is customized to the advisor’s business and their needs. Their agenda is our agenda.
  • Our team has expertise in the 15 critical areas of a financial services practice. By focusing on these areas, we develop and implement a plan to achieve your vision:


Velocity 12



Create a vision and implement a plan with your team.

Human Resources & Team Excellence

Utilize your biggest resource and set the stage for excellence.

Value Proposition

Define, articulate and distinguish your business in a crowded marketplace.


Acquire new ideal clients and capture opportunities with existing clients.


Create a unique brand which communicates your compelling story.

Contact Management

Create a relationship strategy to strengthen relationships and increase client engagement.


Advisor Skills

Understand your clients and have the confidence and competence at every stage of your process.


Maximizing Resources

Focus on your key strengths by delegating to process, technology and people.




Personal Effectiveness

Be proactive, prioritize and focus on the most critical tasks to achieve work and life balance.


Become the leader that creates a high-trust environment and promotes synergy.


Monitor and understand the numbers to ensure profitability and enhance the value of your business.

Succession Planning

Create a contingency plan and succession strategy.

Regulatory Risk Management

Create a strong regulatory foundation for your book and protect the value of your business.

Business Acquisitions

Maximize your business value, minimize risk and ensure the safety of clients and your team.


Grow your business and optimize your practice.



If you are ready to learn more about the areas of your business that can be enhanced, please connect for your Complimentary Consultation.


Productivity Coaching

  • Ideal for advisors who have developing businesses and have revenues less than $200K per year.
  • A subset of our full coaching program and is conducted with the advisor only, by phone.
  • Key elements include: goal setting and developing a productivity plan, marketing, acquiring new clients, personal effectiveness, client processes and performance management.
Human Resource Coaching
  • Ideal for advisors who want to focus on strengthening their team.
  • A subset of our full coaching program, incorporating Wiley Solutions and/or TPC Right Fit™ and/or Certified HR Consultant.
  • Key elements include: attracting, hiring, retaining and compensating the right team members; understanding each team member’s competencies, skills and responsibilities; having each person in the right role and building team effectiveness, efficiency and cohesiveness.

Wiley Team Solutions

  • For advisors focusing on strengthening their team.
  • Designed to help you understand yourself and other people you manage or work with.
  • Learning about different behavioural styles gives you the ability to understand the differences in the way people do things, especially how they communicate.
  • Enhancing team effectiveness helps the team’s overall success.

 More about Building Team Effectiveness & Productivity


Hiring Kit - The Right Fit™

  • For advisors looking to hire exceptional team members.
  • A helpful tool for finding the right people to create a positive work environment.
Defining & Articulating Your Value
  • For advisors who are looking to define, discover and articulate their value with confidence, passion and speed.
  • We have formed a strategic alliance with Pusateri Consulting, whose tools like the Value Ladder™, provide you with a foundation for communicating your value.
  • Once you have defined your value, the next step is pricing your value accurately.

Embrace a Fee-Based Environment - FeeMIND™

  • Determine if a fee-based practice, in part or in whole, is a fit for you.
  • Consider critical components in order to successfully implement your new business model.
  • Create the plan to make it happen.
MasterPoint Branding Program
  • For advisors looking to enhance their brand and develop a unique compelling story.
  • You and your team will meet with our Brand Coach and have an initial Discovery Meeting at your office.
  • We help you create a memorable brand as well as print and digital TouchPoints that you can be proud of.

 More about Creating Original Brands for Advisors


If you have any questions about coaching and the programs we offer, please feel free to contact us.