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What's Your Theme for 2017?

We are into the first few weeks of the new year and I’m sure you’ve seen many articles talking about setting a “theme” for the year. There is definitely merit to this approach and can help bring your goals and business plan to life. Oprah asked her team to think about these questions:

  • What do we want 2017 to bring to our lives?
  • What should it show us, teach us and inspire in us? 

They came up with the theme of "Adventure” for 2017. This one might be a little tricky to apply in the highly regulated financial services industry, so I wanted to share some other examples we have seen from teams we are coaching.


One advisor wants to feel more “Dialed in” to his business and personal life.  Another team was frustrated with the lack of progress they made on some tasks last year so they set their intention for 2017 as “The Year of Getting S*it Done!” Another chose this as the year of “Strategic Alliances.” Some other examples might be improve, connection, finish, momentum and grow.


In a time when we and our clients are faced with a lot of uncertainty, focusing more on core feelings and intent may seem a bit “out there” but can help put a purpose behind purely financial targets. It can also bring your team together if you share it with them. It can help tie your personal and professional aspirations together as well so you are building a business that supports your life rather than having a business that runs your life. 


What are some of the core feelings and intentions you would like to drive you in 2017?  

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