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Customized One-on-One Business Coaching for Financial Advisors

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Who We Are


We are a boutique coaching company working one-on-one with some of the most committed and successful financial advisors across Canada. We help advisors and their teams in all stages of business.

We are very proud of our history. We have been building a team of coaches since 2002.


Our coaches each have 20 + years of experience in the financial services industry and come from various backgrounds including IIROC, MFDA, the Insurance world and marketing and branding.

We are an extraordinary team of 14 people who take a collaborative approach. We have chosen this as a career because we are passionate about helping people.


We bring success, experience and perspective to the table. Advisors tell us that we become a part of their team. We get it!


We have a strategic alliance with another boutique style company, Pusateri Consulting and Training. They have a significiant amount of tools and knowledge that we draw on when helping clients. Pusateri is a sales consulting firm that quietly works with some of the most dedicated and committed leaders in financial services. Their business exists because even successful firms and advisors still "wing it" when it comes to articulating their value, setting their price and selling their value. They are all about helping organizations and individuals to know, price and sell their value. Founded in 1992, Pusateri serves financial services firms in the US, Canada and globally, through Pusateri International, located in Williamsville (Buffalo), New York, USA and Pusateri Canada, in Burlington, Ontario.  



"The direction and focus provided by The Personal Coach over the last 10 years has helped increase our revenues by 400%."

- Peter Pearson, Vocari Financial Solutions Ltd., Squamish, BC