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Confidence focus Freedom

Customized one-on-one business coaching
For Financial advisors & their teams

How business coaching works.

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As a financial advisor, you may feel like you have hit a plateau, or even a brick wall at some point in your career.

Whether you are an advisor growing your revenue, building your business or looking to monetize it, there are two possible options at a plateau - recharge your business and make changes or, experience a decline.

At The Personal Coach, we help our clients recharge their business momentum. Our mission is for advisors and their teams to ultimately experience three outcomes  - confidence, focus and freedom to achieve an extraordinary business and life.

Business Team


We begin by taking you through The Velocity Indicator questionnaire which helps you assess the 15 critical areas of your business - which areas are a priority for you and how you are handling each area. This will provide us with a starting point and direction for discussion during your Complimentary Consultation.

Integrated Approach

When working with The Personal Coach, advisors and their teams will have a lead business coach who may pull in the expertise of other coaches to support their process. We have coaches who specialize in human resources, branding, marketing, business acquisitions and technology to name a few. 





Our clients want to work smarter and maximize their time and their team. Some lack confidence in communicating their value; some lack strategies to attract new clients; and others are not distinguishing themselves in the marketplace. 

We've helped advisors:

  • Build a business entity not dependent on them.

  • Grow revenues to $1 million plus.

  • Plan their succession.

  • Lead better lives overall.

An Advisor Achieving Confidence, Focus & Freedom