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Attention Accomplished Financial Advisors:

If you don't have a plan, you don't have much.

Many of you are actively exploring avenues to elevate your businesses, aiming for heightened growth, profitability, and enhanced structure. Visionary advisors are concurrently engaging in introspection regarding their personal journeys—considering the next steps in their careers and contemplating the future exit from their businesses, customized on their own terms.

Allocating time for this type of comprehensive strategic planning isn't just a luxury but a vital necessity. Master Plan 360 ensures that you aren't leaving anything on the table when it comes to your strategic plan for today and into the future.

Your life's work deserves a Master Plan. 

Everything you need to know in 1 minute and 26 seconds. 

Master Plan 360 Facilitator, Afsar Shah, holds an educational background in corporate law. Throughout the majority of his career, he has been deeply involved in strategic development, mergers and acquisitions, and advisor training, along with regulatory education.

Who is Master Plan 360 for?

This program is specifically tailored for already successful financial advisors who are seeking:


  • Insights: on how to take their business to the next level in terms of increased growth, profitability and business valuation

  • Clarity, Perspective and Direction: as it relates to developing their own succession plan and exit strategy

  • Deeper Insights and Understanding: of best practices related to the succession and exit planning processes

  • Connection: with a group of like-minded successful financial advisors and benefit from their experience and expertise

  • Better Understanding: of the various strategic choices, paths and options available to them as it relates to succession and exit planning

  • Long-Lasting Value and Impact: for their business, clients, staff, and family members

  • To Become Better Leaders.

The 6 Components of Master Plan 360

The Master Plan 360 Process

What do you achieve with Master Plan 360?

Advisors who complete the group program will have achieved the following:​

  • A Personal Vision Statement and Definition of Success​​

  • A Clear and Compelling Vision for their Business​​

  • An Understanding as to the Value of their Business​​

  • A Plan to Maximize that Value​​

  • A Contingency Plan to Protect the Value of their Business​​

  • An Understanding as to their Strategic Options to Monetize the Business​

  • A Roadmap and Plan to Monetize the Business​​

  • A Clear Understanding as to their Ideal Successor(s)​​

  • A MASTER PLAN for Their Business to Ensure Execution and Traction. 

What are the benefits of joining Master Plan 360?

Advisors will also obtain the following benefits from completing the program: 

  • Power of a Peer Group: Advisors will accelerate their ability to grow strategically and overcome hurdles faster with support from their peers and industry leaders. Building relationships and connections with their peers that will endure for the rest of your career

  • Better Strategic Decisions: Through the power of their peer group, advisors will be confident in the impactful strategic decisions they make for their business

  • Your Own Personal Coach: One-on-one coaching from TPC to ensure that you get the most out of the program and solutions that are tailored to your business

  • Access to Industry Expert Speakers: Benefit not just from your peers but also industry leading experts in the areas of retirement, business acquisitions, succession and exit planning

  • Growth as a Business Owner and Leader: Helping you develop beyond what you thought could be possible as a business leader is what MASTER PLAN 360 is all about

  • Accountability: Execution is critical to achieving high levels of success. The presence and support of your peer group and TPC will ensure you gain traction toward your goals and objectives.

Master Plan 360 Details

Master Plan 360 is a 12-month experience starting in January 2024.  It includes the following:

  1. An introductory one-on-one coaching session with Afsar Shah, MASTER PLAN 360 Facilitator.

  2. 12 monthly peer group meetings: These 3-hour sessions will be held virtually via Zoom.

  3. 1 full-day, in-person group meeting, scheduled midway through the program (location TBD).

  4. Guest speakers to enhance the program experience.

  5. 12 monthly one-on-one coaching sessions with Afsar Shah, each lasting 30 minutes and scheduled before the monthly group meetings.

PLUS: A bonus following the program's completion! There will be 2 additional group meetings. These sessions will focus on tracking the progress and execution of each advisor's MASTER PLAN 360.

Program starts in January 2024

Groups are carefully composed with a maximum of 10 advisors. These groups are strategically formed, taking into consideration the unique perspectives and expertise of each member, so that everyone benefits from the collective wisdom and thoughtful interactions.


Space is limited so if you are ready to take your business to the next level and wish to learn more about MASTER PLAN 360, please click below to book a 30-minute call with Afsar Shah. 


Early bird pricing for those who sign up this month. 

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