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 A transformative program for advisors to discover their selling potential.

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Are you ready to gain a comprehensive understanding of the most effective selling strategies for client relationship success in the financial advisory industry?


Meet Stacy Arseneault, highly accomplished Business Coach, Sales Expert and Lead of TPC's exclusive new group coaching program, Sales Mastery: A Trusted Process to Success.

Sales Mastery is a game-changing program designed for financial advisors who are determined to boost their revenue, enhance their client base, and achieve lasting success in the field.

By joining this transformative 12-week program, you will:

  • Gain clarity and confidence and discover proven step-by-step strategies to effectively build your business.

  • Discover the art of conducting productive, insightful conversations that deliver tangible value to your clients.

  • Participate in dynamic group discussions to address your sales challenges head-on, and uncover effective solutions to propel your business to new heights.

  • And so much more!

Business Coach & Sales Expert Stacy Arseneault
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The Sales Foundation™

Week 1 and 2

Setting Your Foundation

Anatomy of a Sale

What You'll Learn Inside...

Prospect Profiling™

Week 3 and 4

Contacting & Qualifying Prospects

Prospect Exploration™

Week 5 and 7

Understanding the Prospect: Ideal Client Financial Planning , Customer Sale and Tools

Winning Plan Implementation™

Week 8 and 9

Building the One Page Plan

Presenting and Implementing the Plan

Value Maximization™

Week 10 and 12

Onboarding & Servicing Your Clients

Asking for Introductions

Implementing Your New Sales Process


Sales Mastery includes:

  • 12 engaging weekly modules with pre-recorded video lessons [$6000 value]

  • Robust live Q&A discussion amongst participants every week, facilitated by Stacy [$2500 value]

  • Private online course hub & discussion group [$250 value]

  • Comprehensive workbook with 100+ plug-and-play exercises and worksheets [$275 value]

  • Total value: $9,025. Get it today for only $2400! 






Space is limited to ensure Stacy can give the attention each participant deserves, so don't miss your chance to claim your spot today.

Sales Mastery officially kicks off with our introductory group call:


Thursday, March 21, 11:00am ET



"I have doubled my sales in a matter of weeks!"

"Sales Mastery gave me more tools to become way more confident and effective in my sales process. It's really worked, to be honest!"

"With Stacy's help, my clients are better served, and I’m building a practice that I enjoy and can be proud of. Great program!"

Lauren Polk, from admin to advisor

at Eclipse Financial

Darcy Fritzke, Lead Advisor

from DLF Financial Services

Zachary Foth Associate Advisor from DLF Financial Services


Don't miss your opportunity to join this exclusive round of Sales Mastery.

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