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Speaking at Your Event

The coaches at The Personal Coach have been pleased to speak at many conferences, workshops, and organizations both in-person and virtually. Recent topics include: 

  • Build Your Value, Build Your Business

  • Buying, Selling & Valuing Financial Advisory Firms

  • How to Develop a Compelling Transition Plan for your Business

  • Business as UNusual: Surviving & Thriving

  • Attract More Ideal Clients

  • Stand Out With Your Brand

  • Strategic Planning & Establishing Your Vision

  • Understanding Your Numbers


Attendees say:

“The most important support was the webinar put on by Afsar Shah. It helped me prepare good documentation and set realistic expectations on the sales process and the support needed afterwards to ensure a smooth transition. Pretty much exactly what he described was my reality, and our engagement has been very successful.”

"I thought it was great to put advisors with their peers. I was looking into potentially getting a business coach so the timing was perfect. Any time you can hear a top producer speak about their business, in an environment like that, you go. It was a great opportunity for me."

"Prior to the workshop, I was yearning to grow my business through better business management. I really enjoyed the financials piece, learning about building an effective team and how to build my business. I have never considered that the business could be more than myself."

“A well-rounded presentation that would serve as a blueprint for an advisor at any career level.”

“Excellent presentation; topic was very fitting to today’s markets. It really drove home how my business needs to change.”

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