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As the pandemic continues, we understand that you need to keep up with managing business demands, employees, financial shortfalls, changing client needs and a variety of other issues. Our goal is to provide trusted content that is informative, insightful and helpful to advisors and their business during these unprecedented times.


The information shared is not intended to be professional advice, but a resource to find information that fits your specific circumstance.

The Benefit allows for 3 paid days related to absence caused by COVID-19 retroactive to April 19, 2021 and going until September 25, 2021.

See who is eligible. 

Paying through the Car Window

Ellen is the author of the bestselling book Advisor at Risk: A ROADMAP TO PROTECTING YOUR BUSINESS and has recently written the sequel Communication Risk: how to bridge the client-advisor gap to protect and grow your business.

Covid 19 Challenges & Opportunities - Ellen Bessner

Stand Out and Grow Your Business in a Volatile Market

Written by Bill Cates, CSP, CPAE, this articles explains why this era should be viewed as the greatest prospecting opportunity we’ve seen in over two decades.

Stand Out & Grow in Volatile Times (Covid) - Bill Cates

Covid-19 Continuity

Helping understand the challenges and opportunities associated with running your business operations amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Click on the image for the website link. 

Covid 19 Continuity

BDO Canada

Assurance, accounting, tax and advisory services. Respond, recover grow and rethink strategies in the covid era. They put on regular webinars as well. Click on image for website. 

Covid Resources BDO Canada

Ontario Human Resources Support

Information on a variety of HR topics. Please note, the information included is reflective of the date of posting and that these legislative changes and resources are changing on a daily basis so please ensure you review the links provided for potential updates. 

Covid HR Resources

A Crisis Guide to Email Auto-Responses

Coach Kim Poulin was interviewed. In this rapidly changing environment, advisors have the opportunity to be the “calm within the storm” for their clients.


Financial Advisor Brad Amlin, CFP shares his insights on how to effectively communicate with clients in turbulent times.

Advisors Communicating with Clients in the Pandemic, Brad Amlin, CFP

Tips for Running a Virtual Office

For so many, working from home and running a virtual office is a new reality. Here, we share our tips on making your virtual office an effective one.

Virtual Office Tips During Covid, The Personal Coach

The Rising Importance of Transition Planning

One of the most significant strategic challenges facing our industry prior to Covid-19 was the lack of advisor preparedness concerning Succession, Continuity and Exit Planning.

Transistion Planning in Covid, Afsar Shah

Connect with Clients

In this video, the TPC Coaches share stories on how their advisors have been connecting with clients amidst this changing environment. 

Connecting with Clients During Covid, The Personal Coach

How to Speak & Present Clearly While Wearing A Mask

Widespread masking is something many of us are needing to deal with for the first time, and that piece of cloth really affects how we speak and communicate. Whether you are in an area that has mandatory masking or you are voluntarily masking for peoples' health and safety, figuring out how to speak and present clearly despite wearing a mask is important.

Presenting with a Mask, Lauren Sergy

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