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We proudly offer The MasterPoint Branding Program to advisors who are looking to create a compelling brand and powerful TouchPoints to bring their brand to life. If this is an area you would like to work on, we suggest checking out the website for an outline of what to expect as well as portfolio samples. To see more sample TouchPoints, please book a complimentary call with the branding team. Learn more about creating your compelling brand below. 

Human Resource Coaching is a subset of our full coaching program, incorporating Wiley Solutions, which are perfect for advisors focusing on strengthening their team, understanding their employees better, and learning how to communicate with each team member based on different behavioural styles. Enhancing individual effectiveness helps the team's overall success. Check out Kim's website below. 

We have a strategic alliance with Pusateri Consulting and Training. As Leo Pusateri would say, even successful firms and advisors "wing it" when it comes to articulating their value, setting their price, and selling their value. That's how they help. They have a significant bank of tools and knowledge that we draw upon when helping clients. Founded in 1992, Pusateri serves financial services firms in the US, Canada and globally with their head offices in Buffalo, NY and Burlington, ON.

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