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Creating Your Culture: Engage & Connect

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

TPC Productivity and Team Development Coach, Kim Poulin just finished facilitating an informative series of virtual workshops to help a team of 28 professionals develop a deeper understanding of each other and learn how to work more effectively together. That's one of the reasons why we wanted to focus on team excellence this month. Another reason is that we are seeing many advisors and business leaders struggling to find new and effective ways to engage and connect their workforce.

Creating Your Culture

The reality is, working from home just isn’t the same as being together in the office, and those authentic human connections that drove your engaged, collaborative culture pre-COVID might not be translating smoothly in this new, virtual environment.

How can you keep your team inspired and focused during a pandemic?

#1. Get Feedback

Here are some questions to ask your team members to get a basic sense of how they are doing and how team communication could improve. You can send these questions out via email and request they respond by email, or you can send them out and follow up with a phone/video meeting to get more detailed responses. With their permission, it would be worthwhile to share the teams’ responses so that each person understands their coworkers’ preferences and challenges. This is also important information to know for when the pandemic is deemed over.

1. What do you need to feel good while working from home?

2. If given the choice, what is your ideal balance between working on site and working from home? a. I get so much more done at home b. I prefer to be on site c. I prefer a 50/50 mix d. Other

3. What is your biggest challenge working on a virtual team? a. Not enough time to interact with the team b. I feel like I’m always on the clock and can’t shut it off c. Communication can be a hassle and is limited d. Other

4. What changes occurred during COVID that have improved efficiency and will continue in the new norm?

5. For you, is effective, rewarding teamwork easier or more challenging on a virtual team compared to an in-person team?

6. What aspects of teamwork are easier or better when working virtually?

7. What aspects of teamwork are more challenging or less effective when working virtually?

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