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Nov E-News: 'Tis the Season for Business Planning

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Recharge your business in 2021

Do you have a business plan? Better yet, would you say it's comprehensive; having strategies, vision, goals with action plans and timelines?

So why plan? Well, simply put, what gets written down gets remembered, what gets scheduled gets completed, what gets measured gets improved! Also consider how business planning efforts will help your clients achieve their goals.

To start, complete a Year-End Review and ask yourself the following questions. Don't forget to get your team involved.

1. What were our goals in 2020 and did we achieve them?

2. What went really well this year?

3. What was missing last year or needed to be improved?

4. What were the opportunities and challenges?

5. What were the pain points?

6. How can we do more for our clients?

7. How can we do more for our team?

Keep in mind that an effective plan:

  • Is dynamic and should be adjusted when necessary

  • Is simple to understand

  • Includes quantifiable tasks

  • Is reviewed regularly

  • Holds you and your team accountable


Check out our video:


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