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We've never done this before...😲

Your confidence, focus, and freedom are one step away, so let’s get going!

Financial advisors make a remarkable impact in people's lives.

They are entrepreneurs and community supporters, helping to create amazing lives for Canadians, which has a direct impact on our economy.

They wear many hats!

As a financial advisor, you are the Chief Executive Officer of a high-performing organization and as such, you owe it to yourself to focus on what matters to achieve success and business momentum.

Inevitably, at different points in your career, you will find yourself hitting the dreaded brick wall. It's a business plateau where you stop making progress or, as we like to say, when you stop building momentum.

This can make you feel overwhelmed, diffused, reactive, tired, burnt out, or stuck. We've all been there right? Perhaps you feel this way right now...

One of the first ways you can get unstuck, is to understand the gaps in your business. At The Personal Coach, we believe there are 15 critical areas to focus on within your business.

We could write a book about this stuff. 😉

You want to focus on the areas specific to your gaps to continue to move forward.

We are excited because we have never done this before but this month, we are offering our "gap" activity to you all!

Within minutes of completion, receive a PDF which uncovers your biggest business gaps. We call it the Velocity Indicator™.

For over 20 years, this proven exercise has been helping advisors better understand where they need to focus their efforts.

It's our unique self-evaluation tool that will help you find out if you and your team are working at peak performance and identify areas for improvement.

This will look familiar if you are a past or current client or have met with one of our coaches before. Don't let that stop you from filling it out again. Your business gaps change over time!

Complete the Velocity Indicator™ to change your business - and your life.


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