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“A goal without a plan is just a wish."

business planning

Hello financial services professionals,

It is that time again, where advisors and their teams are planning for a new business year. 2022 brings a fresh start and new opportunities. Planning is not a single event carried out at the end of the year. It's a process that requires time and attention year-round to reap the rewards.

Many advisors tell us, “I’ve got it in my head" when we ask about a plan. However, a written plan is critical to achieve focus. Having this focus and a vision for your team to work towards, allows everyone on your team to set meaningful goals to play their part in achieving the vision.

A study on writing your goals down was conducted by the Dominican University of California and our Business Coach, April-Lynn Levitt, outlines this study in her business planning seminars. It resonates with people who haven’t done enough planning and here’s why:

Achievement Level for Goals that are:

  • Unwritten Goals - 53.5% of the time

  • Written Goals - 76% of the time

  • Action Plans - Dropped a slight amount to 63.5% of the time

  • Written goals, action plans, and commitment to a friend - 80% of the time

  • Written goals, action plans, commitment and progress reports - 95% chance of success

We're Here to Help

If you haven't done much planning yet, feel free to use our 10-page Vison Goals Planner.

This planner workbook helps you get started by developing clarity around your vision and discovering opportunities. Sign up to receive it at the top of our homepage.

If you need help with implementation, connect with us.

Happy Planning! Wishing you a prosperous 2022!

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