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Enhancing your client experience.

We've been thinking about how you can stand out and enhance your client experience.

Many of our clients have gone through our MasterPoint Branding Program to develop a unique brand so they can connect with ideal clients on a deeper, more meaningful level. They also don’t want to look like every other advisor.

Whether you have done your own brand or not, it might be time to spruce up your TouchPoints (marketing materials).

Perhaps you don't even know what TouchPoints you want or need and this is where we can help you develop an effective strategy based on your unique circumstances.

To help, consider each of these in-demand TouchPoints when building your TouchPoint Strategy. You may have TouchPoints unique to your business as well but this is a great reference to understand what other advisors are doing.

First Impressions Business/Digital Card, Letterhead, Envelope Presentation Folder PowerPoint Design and Content Client Document Design Brochure Email Signature Sign Design Office Décor Voicemail Script

Digital Marketing Website Design and Content Biographies, Case Studies Website Articles Social Media Design Social Media Management E-Newsletters Videos Google Business Page Desktop Images Logos/Backgrounds for Virtual Meetings

Client Focused Thank You Card Design Birthday Card Design Holiday Season Card Design Special Occasion Card Design Greeting Card Design Pen Design Notepads

Visibility Sign and Panel Design for Conferences, Seminars and Workshops Handouts for Speaking Events Banner Design Client Event Activities Event Gifts/Swag Ideas

Please let us know if our branding and marketing team can help you with creating any of these impactful materials/strategies. Adding a few can significantly enhance the client experience. That's what truly matters.

What advisors appreciate most about our team is that we do all the design and content writing for you so you can focus on what you do best!


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